Target Design K-12: Design in the Classroom

two young students in a classroom, about 5 years old, holding projects made of paper plates and construction paper, presenting their ideas to the class. A teacher watches closely by their side.

Design in the Classroom

Design in the Classroom is a FREE program that brings Cooper Hewitt’s celebrated design workshops to schools across New York City. Learn more about how you can bring the Target Design K-12 experience to your New York City school.

Currently, this program is only available for New York City schools. Teachers outside of New York City can still enjoy our What Is Design? videos and free Teacher Resource Packet (pdf).

Target Design K12 is made possible by the generous support of Target Logo.

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Watch this short video

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We are no longer taking reservation requests for the 2014-2015 school year.

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Check out our Teacher Resource Packet for Design Vocabulary, sample lesson plans, and more inspiring ideas for your classroom. Our video playlist includes activity ideas, a studio visit with leading professional designers, and more design thinking from our curators. Feel free to watch the videos either on your own or together with your class.

Pre-Visit Video Playlist

Watch these videos before your workshop. A little bit of preparation will make sure you and your students to get the most out of our time together. The videos are available below as a handy YouTube playlist. If you can’t see the YouTube Playlist below because YouTube is blocked in your school, go ahead and access them on this page instead.