Object of the Day

Cap, Morocco, 1900–1950, knitted wool, Gift of Woman's Day Magazine, 1966-54-1.
A Protective Cap
This wool cap, probably intended for a man, was made in the first half of the 20th century by the indigenous inhabitants of Morocco, the Amazigh people (also called the Berbers), who make up 40-60 percent of the population and have a language and culture distinct from Arabs. Amazigh textiles were mainly produced by women,...
Ornamente von Bruno Mauder. Plauen i Vogtl: Christian Stoll, 1910.
Wiener Werkstȁtte Designs
Bruno Mauder (1877-1948), a designer of glass art, studied at the School of Applied Arts in Munich from 1899 to 1901 and in 1909, was appointed director of technical school for glass industry and wood carving in Zwiesel, Germany. For the next 40 years, Mauder worked as a glass designer in this area including the...
Two-fer Wallpaper: Illustrating Innovation with Scenic Wonders
Wallpaper showing views of popular tourist destinations in Canada, all centering around the Saint Lawrence River. Rendered as petite watercolor paintings the four views include the Victoria Bridge in Montreal, the Thousand Islands, Falls of Montmorency, and the Lachine Rapids. Completed in 1859, Victoria Bridge links the cities of Montreal and Saint-Lambert and greatly facilitated...
Easy Come, Easy Go
This gambling token, or jeton, features the double-faced god Janus. With one eye looking to the past and the other to the future, the ancient Roman deity oversaw change — including change in luck and fortune. This is precisely what a nineteenth-century gambler might have hoped for as he cast the silver piece onto a...
Sampler, Germany, 2015, designed by Heidrun Schimmel (German, b. 1941), Medium: silk foundation, cotton and polyester embroidery
Technique: embroidered on plain weave, Gift of Heidrun Schimmel, 2015-14-1
Thread Tracks Time
Heidrun Schimmel says that she has always been interested in the connection between fiber/fabric/textile and the human being, especially between the thread and the human. Perhaps a metaphor for human existence, stitching with thread tracks time, especially when employing the same type of stitch on the same type of cloth as Schimmel has been doing...
For Rooms Without a View
Landscape views have always been a popular theme on wallpaper, and with good reason. For the urban migration during the Industrial Revolution it allowed people to bring some country with them. For rooms with few windows or no view, the wallpapers provided one. The trompe l’oeil aspect of landscape papers also visually enlarged the size...
Pottery and Progress
This tile features an image of the Hartt House on Hull Street in Boston, Massachusetts. The tile is part of a “Boston” set created at the Paul Revere Pottery that depicted old and famous buildings around the Boston area. The outlines of the buildings were incised in the clay when it was still soft and then...
A traditional toran
The toran is a frieze hanging named after a sacred gateway in Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist architecture. In the Gujarati communities of western India, a toran is hung above the doorway to the main room of the house as a sign of welcoming. This particular toran appears to be in the Kathipa style, recognizable by...
1969-- Matt Flynn 006
This Leopard is Mine
This is a charming children’s wallpaper that would also be appropriate for a powder room. The design is naively styled with its cast of three leopards, exotic flowers, and lush foliage. The leopards are performing various acts of lounging or exploring, with the one directing his gaze directly at the viewer. The design is quite...