• 10-week program (Monday, June 16 – Friday, August 22, 2014). Hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5:30pm.
• These internships, which honor the memory of Peter A. Krueger, who was an intern at Cooper-Hewitt, provide a stipend of $2,500 for the 10-week period. Housing is not provided. Approximately 8 Krueger Internships are available each summer.
• Summer Internship Applications Deadline: Postmark February 24, 2014

NB: the deadline for this internship has now passed, and we are no longer accepting applications.

Subject to availability internships are available in the following departments:

  • Communications/Marketing
  • Curatorial:
    • Drawings, Prints, and Graphic Design
    • Product Design and Decorative Arts
    • Textiles
    • Wall Coverings
  • Development
  • Education:
    • School Programs
    • Youth Programs
    • Public and Family Programs
    • Professional Development Programs
    • National Design Awards
  • Publications
  • Digital & Emerging Media/Cooper-Hewitt Labs

Internships are open to undergraduate students and graduate students who:
• Are currently enrolled in a degree-granting institution
• Have graduated from a degree-granting institution in the last 6 months
• Have evidence that they have been accepted into a degree-granting graduate program within 6 months.


Application should include:

1) Application form (download here). (includes a short essay)

2) Cover Letter-state the desired museum department(s) (up to 3) placement.
-Those interested in the Curatorial department should state specific departments of interest.

3) Current Resume with:
a. Permanent and current contact information, an email address is mandatory
b. Non-US citizens must state their citizenship and country of permanent residence
c. Official college transcripts with seal/stamp from undergraduate and graduate universities.
d. Two letters of recommendation: at least one must be from a recent or current instructor; the second may be from someone who knows the applicant but is not a relative. Letters should be in a sealed envelope with signature across the seal.

NOTE: If any item is missing from the application, the cover letter must clearly indicate what is missing and why. Materials sent solo are subject to the same deadline regulations and the applicants name must be clearly marked on exterior envelope and on the document.


Please send all completed application materials to:

Attn: Internship Coordinator
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
2 East 91st Street
New York, NY 10128

Applications will not be accepted through email. For inquires about the Peter Krueger internship ONLY, please contact: CHinternships@si.edu


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can transcripts and letters of recommendation be sent separately from application?
A. The materials can be sent separately, but we prefer that materials be sent in one package. If it is necessary for an applicant to send materials separately, it should be explained in the cover letter, as well as the appropriate section within the Smithsonian Internship Application form. Any materials sent separately from the main application should have the applicant’s name on the outside of the envelope.

Q. To whom should I address my internship application?
A. We ask that all application materials be addressed to the ‘Internship Coordinator.’ Although many applicants are accustomed to writing their cover letters and having recommendations addressed to a particular person, Cooper-Hewitt prefers to have applicants address all forms and application materials to the ‘Internship Coordinator.’

Q. Can international students participate in the Internship Program?
A. Yes, international students are eligible to apply for internships at Cooper-Hewitt, as long as they meet all of the eligibility requirements. Cooper-Hewitt will assist interns in acquiring necessary visas.

Q. Are interviews conducted as part of the application process?
A. Phone interviews are arranged by potential departmental supervisors with selected candidates.

Q. In order to apply for an internship, do I have to be currently enrolled as a student?
A. The internship program accepts both undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in degree-granting institutions, applicants who have graduated from a degree-granting institution within 6 months of the internship start date, and applicants that have been accepted into a degree-granting graduate program within 6 months of the internship start date.

Q. How do I know what department to apply to?
For inquiries involving the different curatorial departments, please refer to Cooper-Hewitt website, which contains several links to department descriptions.

Q. Do I have to write an essay for the Smithsonian application in addition to the essay described on your website?
A. No, the 1-2 page essay described in the Smithsonian Internship Application is the same as the essay describing career goals and specific areas of interest in the Cooper-Hewitt application. Your application should also include a cover letter.

Q. What should my cover letter include?
A. The cover letter serves to give the person viewing your application a frame of reference for what you would like to do at the Cooper-Hewitt. The cover letter should be concise and state the 3 departments you would be interested in working for.

Q. Can I apply as a first-year student?
A. Yes, first-year students are welcome to apply for the program, however the internships are competitive and sometimes favor those with a background in the field in which the intern will be working.

Q. Should I submit additional materials with my application, such as writing samples?
A. No, the requirements listed for the application are the only materials the reviewers will take into account when evaluating applicants.

Q. May I submit my application by e-mail or fax?
A. No, please mail your application materials together in one package to:

Internship Coordinator
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
2 East 91st Street New York, NY 10128

Q. Is the application deadline the date by which the application must be received or the date by which the application must be postmarked?
A. The application deadline refers to the date by which the application must be postmarked. If the application deadline is a federal holiday, the deadline moves to the next business day.

Q. If I am accepted, will the museum provide housing?
A. No, the Cooper-Hewitt does not provide intern housing, but should you be accepted into the internship program, the Internship Coordinator can provide a list of housing options and resources.

Q. Do I need to be an art/art history/architecture or design major to be eligible for an internship?
A. No, the Cooper-Hewitt welcomes applicants from diverse academic backgrounds and varied interests.

Q. If I am not accepted, may I reapply the following year?
A. Yes, applicants are welcome to reapply.

Q. If I decide to reapply, can I reactivate my previous application?
A. No, the applicants must submit all the application materials together with up-to-date information.

Q. Can my recommendations and transcripts be sent after the application deadline?
A. No, we will not accept any materials postmarked after the deadline.

Q. Do graduate applicants need to submit undergraduate transcripts?
A. Yes, we require both the undergraduate and graduate transcripts for graduate applicants