Author: Seb Chan

Universal Design: Myth or Reality?
Where did “universal design” come from, and where is it headed? Will our future be populated with products that work for everyone, or we will increasingly use devices customized for an audience of one? How do we acknowledge individual differences while building a more accessible world? Gianfranco Zaccai (Continuum), Jon Marshall (MAP Project office), Scott...
Big and Bigger: Designing for Scale
Cooper Hewitt curator Matilda McQuaid moderates a panel discussion about the role tools play in large-scale projects. Panelists including Paul Ceruzzi of the National Air & Space Museum, William Goodrich of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and Chuck Hoberman, artist, engineer, and inventor of folding and transforming structures, provide insight into how we use powerful tools...
Textile, "Vegetable Tree", designed 1944; this printing 1981 
Medium: linen Technique: screen printed on plain weave Label: screen printed linen. 1982-60-1.
Manufactured by Svenskt Tenn Designed by Josef Frank, 1982-60-1
Chart topping objects in 2014
It is the end of another year and there’s been many changes at Cooper Hewitt. We’ve installed new galleries and one part of the new infrastructure are new interactive experiences through which to explore our collection as it gets digitized. As collections become available through these new interfaces, the objects that people explore or want...
We’re open, come play!
After a full inside-out renovation, our doors are finally open! Here’s some snippets from opening day to whet your appetite.
Highlights from Solar Wall
The Solar Wall is featured in Tools: Extending Our Reach, on view from 12.12.2014 to 5.25.2015. Video display of the Sun’s surface from the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly aboard NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO); Satellite launch date: February 11, 2010. Courtesy of Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
3D scanning the Carnegie Mansion
See how state-of-the-art 3D scanning, 3D imaging, and 3D printing techniques came together in this epic effort to fully model Andrew Carnegie’s 1903 mansion in the heart of New York City. The Cooper Hewitt museum, which is housed by the Carnegie mansion, has made this 3D data freely available for architects, filmmakers, video game developers,...
Design Talks | Redesigning Cooper Hewitt
From a bold new font to a brand new name, hear how Cooper Hewitt is reimagining itself for the 21st century and how the museum’s new identity was conceived and designed. Eddie Opara (Pentagram) and Chester Jenkins (Village) talk with Caroline Baumann, Cooper Hewitt’s director, about the new graphic vision for America’s design museum.
screenshot of a type design software showing letterforms with ruler overlays.
Cooper Hewitt: The Typeface
A contemporary sans serif designed for the newly transformed museum.
Woman adding one drop of liquid from a glass container into another glass container. she is very focused.
Design Dictionary
See how design is made in our new video series.