Author: Seb Chan

screenshot of a type design software showing letterforms with ruler overlays.
Cooper Hewitt: The Typeface
A contemporary sans serif designed for the newly transformed museum.
Woman adding one drop of liquid from a glass container into another glass container. she is very focused.
Design Dictionary
See how design is made in our new video series.
Chair, Consumers Rest, ca. 1991
Shopping carts crashing (servers)
In post-apocalyptic cinema the slow sweeping shot of a half-submerged shopping cart in a river is a standard – just before the horde of zombies lurch onscreen. Symbolic of consumerism under late capitalism, in these films the shopping cart is a marker of our (lost) civilization. Shopping carts also evoke memories of childhood – hours...
Cooper-Hewitt in Czech Republic
It was an action-packed trip to the Czech Republic last week to receive the 2013 Ladislav Sutnar Award for Cooper-Hewitt's contribution to the world of design and the promotion of Sutnar's legacy and work. Cooper-Hewitt is proud to have the largest archive and collection of Sutnar in the United States, which includes nearly 23,000 archival...
Planetary: collecting and preserving code as a living object
  "This is a field in which one does one’s work and it will be obsolete within 10 years." – Steve Jobs, 1994 Cooper-Hewitt has just acquired its first piece of code. Although the collection has objects that are the end result of algorithmic processes, notably Patrick Jouin's 3D printed chair, Solid C2, this is...