Gabrielle Golenda

Visual Verbal Wit

The ITF Internationale Tentoonstelling op Filmgebied (International film exhibition) poster is an unusual advertisement. The subject of the poster - an educational exhibition on the history of film, new technologies, screening (all film types including the avant-garde) and all other facets to the world of film – is reflected in the poster’s execution.
Piet Zwart, poster, graphic design, film, typography


Matches seem almost trivial to us in 2014. However, carrying matches was once a novelty and feat of man’s ability to harness instantaneous fire.  Gas-powered lighters and safety matches in matchboxes were not available on a wide scale until the 1930s. Wooden friction matches were first invented about a hundred years earlier, but were fickle and extremely combustible. Matchsafes were the solution to carry matches safely: to protect them from moisture and to hinder them from lighting involuntarily by reducing added friction.
matchsafe, match, light, cigarette