Cooper Union Museum for the Arts of Decoration

Current Craft Perspectives: Third Annual Exhibition of Artist-Craftsmen of New York, Inc.

craftsmanship, New York, crafts, artisans

Cooper Union Museum Gallery Guide to Elements of Design: A Guide to a Permanent Changing Exhibition Suggesting the Nature of the Museum's Collections and the Uses They Serve

design education, gallery tour, permanent collection

A Checklist of Prints by Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) in the Cooper Union Museum

Albrecht Dürer, prints, permanent collection, etchings, woodcut, 16th century

The Architect's Eye

The Cooper Union Museum Chronicle, Volume 3, No. 4
Architecture, drawings, architectural drawings, permanent collection

Creative Craft in Denmark Today: An Exhibition of Contemporary Work Organized by the Danish Handcraft Guild

Denmark, Danish, Greenland, handicrafts, artisans, decorative arts, textiles, ceramics, jewelry, furniture, wallcoverings, 20th century

The Wonders of Thread: A Gift of Textiles from the Collection of Elizabeth Gordon

textiles, textile design, permanent collection, recent acquisitions, 20th century, Elizabeth Gordon

The Greenleaf Collection: Textile Arts from the 16th to the Early 19th Century

textiles, textile design, lace making, lace, needlework, embroidery, fashion, Richard Cranch Greenleaf

Summary Catalogue of Drawings by Identified Italian Architects in the Cooper Union Museum

Architecture, drawings, architectural drawings, Italian, Italy, scenic design, permanent collection

Recent Acquisitions by the Cooper Union Museum: A Picture Book in Honor of Calvin S. Hathaway

decorative arts, decorative objects, recent acquisitions, permanent collection, survey, Calvin S. Hathaway

The Japanese Sword and its Fittings: From the Collections of the members of the Japanese Sword Society of New York and the Cooper Union Museum

swords, sword fittings, Japan, Japanese, tsuba, sword guards, collections