Bill Moggridge

Social Impact Design Summit

What? Design is a process that can solve problems, and socially responsible design is design that seeks to solve problems which vex the world’s poor and marginalized communities. Simply put, socially responsible design uses innovation and the tools of design to improve access to services such as healthcare and education and increase social, economic, and environmental sustainability.
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Scher Abundance

There is a show called MAPS at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery exhibiting an abundant selection of cartographic paintings by Paula Scher of Pentagram, including pieces painted between 1998 and 2010. You don’t realize how big these paintings are when you see them online or reproduced as prints—for example, the World Trade map from 2010 is 92” high by 157” wide.
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Eva Zeisel's Playful Search for Beauty

Eva Zeisel was 105 years old when she died on December 30, 2011. She was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1906 and entered the Hungarian Royal Academy of Fine Arts as a painter in 1923, but soon decided that she wanted to become a “maker of useful things.”
Eva Zeisel, in memoriam, pottery, ceramics, playful, useful, Playful Search for Beauty

Designing Media - Rich Archuleta

This is the sixth interview in Chapter 4 in my new book, Designing Media.
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Hugh Dubberly Explains Convergence

... Do you know Hugh Dubberly? Nowadays he runs the Dubberly Design Office in San Francisco.
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Designing Media - Roger McNamee

Roger McNamee is both a musician and a venture capitalist. He got his start on the business side, helping the Grateful Dead to stay viable after Jerry Garcia’s death through direct sales to its fans.
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Designboost at Cooper-Hewitt

Back in February, I blogged about the Designboost Web site, likening it to a periodic table of design knowledge. This time, Peer Eriksson and David Carlson were here at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum to run the first BoostEvent in the United States.
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Designing Media - Jessie Scanlon

I had often heard about Jessie Scanlon’s work and enjoyed her writings before meeting her in person, so I was thrilled when she suggested that we record an interview for a BusinessWeek podcast to talk about my recently published book Designing Interactions.
Jesse Scanlon, writer, Innovation and Design, designing media, book, Interview, Bill Moggridge

Designing Media - Colin Callender

This is the fourth interview in Chapter 5 in my new book, Designing Media. As a founding member of HBO’s pioneer programming group and the President of HBO Films, Colin played a central role in turning HBO into a powerhouse.
Colin Callender, producer, HBO, TV, television, designing media, book, Interview, Bill Moggridge

Designing Media - Bruce Nussbaum

This is the second interview in Chapter 4 in my new book, Designing Media. Bruce and I were speaking at the same design conference in the fall of 2008 at the Arizona Biltmore hotel.
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