Andrea Lipps

An elegant form of air purification

The ProSolve 370e system consists of modular architectural tiles coated with titanium dioxide that, when activated by daylight, neutralizes nitrogen oxides—harmful for their effect on the respiratory system, acid rain, and ozone depletion—in the surrounding environment. While the antimicrobial and air-purifying effects of titanium dioxide have been known for years, it is the form and application of ProSolve that is particularly innovative.
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Design and Food Journal 03: Slowing Down

Over the past few months, a number of design and food trends have been catching my attention. One is the idea of slowing down, inherent in the work of many student design projects I’ve recently seen. Afterall, what can (hopefully) inspire us to slow down more than food? When preparing it, we are held to food’s properties and ritualized making. When eating it, we savor the present moment when a delicious bite hits our tongue. In harvesting it, we respect its cycles. The mass production of food during the twentieth century gave us bland, processed, and thoughtless food experiences that many designers, chefs, farmers, artisans, and others are seeking to overturn with an emphasis on rediscovering our gastronomical roots. Design students are very much a part of this conversation, proposing solutions that provide provocative commentary.
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A Deeper Dive: Design Miami/ Tour Highlights

The guided tours I led through Design Miami/ sought to help visitors navigate the fair by taking a deep dive into the content, illuminating themes and historical continuity in the contemporary work. What follow are five highlights from the tour, representing a range of themes I found throughout the work on display – nature, materials, process, and play.
Design Miami/, contemporary design, Lonneke Gordjin & Ralph Nauta, Nendo, Lasvit, Studio Glithero, Snarkitecture, Sylvain Willenz, CIRVA, Glass, process, nature, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Galerie VIVID, Volume Gallery, Victor Hunt
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A wilted icon at Design Miami/

With a dark streak that carries across their work, it is not surprising that Dutch design firm Studio Job has anthropomorphized the Eiffel Tower, wilted in sad defeat.
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Design and food at Design Miami/

Design and food continues to be an area of design practice garnering attention as it pushes at the boundaries of what we think of as traditional design. (Full discloser, I am organizing an exhibition on the subject.) Case in point: Design Miami/’s first BE OPEN Forum includes eating designer Marije Vogelzang on its roster.
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What IS that? And more at Design Miami/...

Join me for a stimulating romp through Design Miami/’s exhibitions as we explore exciting trends and highlights at the fair.
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Wallpaper. In 3-D.

Contemporary British designer, Tracy Kendall, challenges the notion that wallcoverings are solely represented in two dimensions. In the White Room, one of her many bespoke three-dimensional wallpapers, is composed of overlapping rectangular sheets of white paper, which are finely hand-stitched onto a white paper backing.
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Experiencing surface design

Perhaps you are familiar with his stage sets for Hairspray... Or, you noticed his designs for the 2009 and 2010 Academy Awards... Or, you've ventured to any number of the restaurants his designs have helped make a destination: Nobu, Bar Americain, or Adour Alain Ducasse at The St. Regis New York...
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Design and Food Journal 02: Pop-ups

The London Design Festival has since passed (it was held September 14 – 23), but in the myriad reports that surfaced online, one trend held my attention: the design and food pop-up.
Design and Food, food, contemporary design, exhibitions, pop-up, Arabeschi di Latte, Faye Toogood, Haptic Thought, DesignMarketo, Linda Monique, Tom Dixon, Paul Cocksedge
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Design and Food Journal 01: Planting the Flag

In this Research-in-Progress blog series, I’ll be testing ideas and sharing what piques my interest around design and food, part of early ongoing research I’m undertaking here at Cooper-Hewitt in preparation for an exhibition. I view this space as an important part of the process, pulling back the curtain, if you will, on initial thinking that will shape the exhibition. Consider it your special backstage tour. This journal will therefore get messy, but that’s precisely the intention – to have a space where ideas can emerge, develop, be thrown out or be enriched. I’m thirsty for suggestions and feedback, so please do share.
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